Turkish Madman Erdogan Killing More Turkish Army Soldiers in Syria

The Turkish madman Erdogan is killing more of the Turkish army officers and soldiers by sending them to an aggressive war against Syria tasked to defend Al Qaeda terrorists who are doing the dirty work for the sultan wannabe.

The latest toll is a Turkish army officer and 2 soldiers killed yesterday in the northwestern Syrian city of Afrin, in the Aleppo countryside.

Erdogan’s ministry of war confirmed the killing and claimed they were attacked by members of the PKK, an excuse used by the Erdogan regime to justify more war crimes, the Turkish army retaliated to the attack by heavily bombarding 3 Syrian villages in the vicinity with indiscriminate artillery shelling.

National armies of countries are formed to defend the respective countries from foreign danger, except in the case of NATO armies they are used to invade other countries and commit horrific massacres around the world, and in Syria, like in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the embedding of NATO armies with Al Qaeda is becoming the norms.. and they told you they are fighting Al Qaeda…!

More in this report: Erdogan Kills 3 More Turkish Troops in Afrin, in Northwest of Syria.

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