Biden and ISIS Target Syrian Oil Theft and Bombing

The White House’s most diverse and inclusive junta continues its heinous attacks against the Syrian people increasing the theft of the Syrian oil and ISIS attacking oil tankers in the northeast of the country.

Terrorists of ISIS attacked earlier today two oil tankers in the northern province of Raqqa destroying both tankers with no news about the drivers yet, the terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack on its ‘official media’.

Yesterday, the same terrorist organization attacked another oil tanker truck with a roadside bomb in the same area also destroying the tanker and most probably killing the driver.

These attacks are only escalating as the Biden forces need to depend more on its proxies and less on its direct forces as it eyes now destabilizing China which is threatening the US economic hegemony and confronting Russia which is the world’s second military power and rising.

Continuing to target Syria’s infrastructure after 10 years of war of terror and war of attrition is an obvious policy insisting on turning Syria into another ‘success’ story of the US spreading ‘democracies’ and ‘freedoms’ around the world like Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen… and any country that doesn’t recognize ‘Israel’, no coincidences.

More in this report: Biden Forces Steal Syrian Oil and ISIS Attacks Syrian Oil Tanker Trucks.

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