Kurdish SDF Terrorists Commit a Massacre in Northeast Syria

5 civilians were killed including a woman and a child and others injured when the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist armed terrorists opened live fire on the Syrian civilians protesting the theft of Syrian oil and wheat by the Biden forces guarded by the Kurdish terrorists in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria.

The residents in the city of Hasakah, in the Al-Nashweh neighborhood, in the city of Ash-Shaddadi, and in a number of villages and towns in the southern Hasakah countryside took to the streets protesting the crimes committed by the US-sponsored Kurdish forces especially the kidnapping of young men to draft them in the ranks of the Kurdish terrorist groups, the theft of oil and wheat by the US forces and their Kurdish proxies, the burning of Syrian agricultural fields, and recently the theft of drinking and irrigating water.

The residents were met with live bullets by the Kurdish terrorists who operate under the US army’s umbrella who work for Biden and previously his predecessor Trump, the latter who confirmed he’s maintaining his forces in Syria ‘for the oil because I like oil,’ the official statement by the commander in chief of the US armed forces turning them into mercenary forces, literally.

More on this latest massacre in this report: Kurdish SDF Terrorists Commit a Massacre Killing 5 Civilians in Hasakah.

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