Russia Slams the Hypocrisy of NATO Countries Interfering in Syria’s Presidential Election

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the blatant interference attempts by NATO countries in the upcoming presidential election in Syria due on the 26th of this month.

In its statement, the Russian Ministry reminded the USA, UK, France, and Germany, and a host of lapdog countries for the USA that the presidential election in Syria is an internal affair and they should not interfere, especially that the elections are compliant with the Syrian constitution which was adopted in 2012 by a referendum.

The ministry’s statement, however, did not remind the western hypocrites of their own hysterical reactions to claims of the alleged Russian interference in their own presidential and other elections.

Maybe, it’s time for the Russians to use the same methods used by their ‘western partners’ as they keep using the diplomatic terms long dropped by western uncivilized countries.

Representatives of NATO countries at the United Nations Security Council have been jumping like apes in a closed zoo over the upcoming presidential election in Syria as they see it as the crowning of their failure in turning Syria into a failed state/ or states they can easily control like what they’ve done everywhere else they succeeded in their repetitive regime change wars and interventions they like to call ‘democracy exporting’.

More in this report: Russia Slams NATO Countries Interfering in Syria’s Presidential Election.

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