NATO Drastically Reduces Euphrates Water Flow into Syria and Iraq – New War Crime

In a serious new war crime and a crime that amounts to genocide and crime against humanity, the NATO evil alliance reduced the water flow of the Euphrates River into Syria and subsequently into Iraq to less than half causing series and serious catastrophes on all levels.

It’s a new low to the ever-seeking bottom in humanity levels, the water of the Euphrates River have been since the first day of human civilization the main water source for drinking and irrigation for the communities living around it, today, as the less civilized NATO countries continue their onslaught against the world’s oldest and continuous civilizations of Syria and its Mesopotamia extension in Iraq with more sponsoring of terror, depriving the people of these regions of their food and now water.

Erdogan, the Turkish madman and second top NATO leader reduced the water flow of the Euphrates River from Turkey into Syria and Iraq to 200 cubic meters per second from 500 cubic meters per second, which was stipulated in the water sharing agreement of 1978 between Turkey and Syria and which even at that level creates real shortages of freshwater needed to irrigate the food basket of Syria and Iraq not to mention the drinking water for dozens of millions of people in these two countries.

Water wars are looming and they’re way more serious than oil wars and wars for Israel that NATO continues waging against the real Semite people of the Levant and Iraq in order to build ‘their 2nd temple in Palestine’ which the Zionist and anti-Christian US Evangelical Mega-Church convinces its followers that serving the antiChrist is the way forward to expedite the return of Jesus Christ, you serve Satan to please God…!

More in this report: Erdogan Escalating the Water War against Syria and Iraq, for Israel.

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