Exposing NATO Countries Lies about Syria’s Chemical Attacks – Stunning Facts (Video)

In times of wars, the first victim is truth, then you have those who master lying and fake propaganda to achieve their goals to the extent there are books studying that topic, you think Goebbels was the master of propaganda? These people took it to a whole new level just to justify destroying one country after the other and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process, the term ‘de-population’ in the real world.

We all know now that the entire propaganda put by the US’s Pentagon, the US top diplomats, and its narrative pushed by mainstream media worldwide was all layers of lies on top of each other, dare to point out their lies and the response: ‘we know where your children live’ like what the disgraced John Bolton told the former OPCW director who wouldn’t get along their lies who would later be pushed to resign.

Those who could pull up 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, invasion, and destruction of the once ‘Jewel of Africa, Libya turning it into literally the worse of Africa, all based on straight-up lies, they could easily bring us a new chapter of bogus lies to justify invading and destroying Syria, how can they be so successful when all they do is just redo the same lies and get away with it? It’s because their population turned into Sheeple who would swallow the same rubbish over and again without question, many of them would even call for more, and because there was never any sort of accountability to the extent they are now celebrating the likes of George W. Bush and Tony Blair, the latter is now literally preaching about the handling of the pandemic instead of he being in Belmarsh Prison, indefinitely, and Julian Assange being celebrated for exposing those war criminals.

The video clip here is by a comedian who brings up career Journalist Aaron Maté to show you short clips piling up evidence against the narrative of the Pentagon and its Al Qaeda arms in Syria, it takes a comedian to debunk the establishment who in turn launches a defamation campaign against him!

Link to the video on YouTube in case the above video doesn’t display: Click Here.

More on the subject from Syria News: OPCW Suspends Syria’s Voting Powers, Why Syria Doesn’t Walk Out?

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