OPCW Watchdog Redoing Iraq’s WMDs in Syria for NATO and Al-Qaeda Terrorists

NATO member states managed to put a leash on the international watchdog organization responsible for monitoring the use of chemical weapons, the organization entrusted and responsible for the technical aspects of observing the use of chemical weapons has turned into a propaganda machine in the hands of NATO states, not that they don’t have a history of such malice acts.

The OPCW in its latest meeting today voted to strip Syria from its voting rights in the organization because the Syrian people hadn’t had enough from the US direct war of terror and war of attrition against them for more than a whole decade, they also need an Iraq invasion scenario, because we all remember how honest the USA and its propaganda machines are when it comes to justifying its wars based on blatant lies.

John Bolton threatened the inspectors of a sister organization responsible for the nuclear programs during their preparations to invade Iraq because there were 15 of the 19 alleged bombers of 9/11 from Saudi! The inspectors at that time did not submit to the Bolton / Chenney threats so they doctored the final report submitted by their man heading the IAEA who also couldn’t doctor the report and claim there was an Iraqi program for weapons of mass destruction, he just added a few words to the technical report claiming there might be if their mandate is extended 3 more months…! Well, 17 more years and there’s no trace of that program in Iraq.

The same is being followed against Syria with a touch of more US ‘exceptionalism’ and its lapdogs in NATO explained in this more detailed report: OPCW Suspends Syria’s Voting Powers, Why Syria Doesn’t Walk Out?

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