NATO Members of UNSC Insists on Redoing Iraq’s Invasion Repeating WMD Lies


USA, France, and the UK, in addition to other NATO member states of the United Nations Security Council, have turned the highest global authority entrusted to establish peace and security around the world into a circus repeating the same lies to the extent they made a weekly scheduled meeting to justify a redo of Iraq invasion based on lies against Syria.

France has a history with the Syrian people and can’t get out of its colonial past how it was ejected from the country by constant revolutions and uprisings, 75 years ago.

Britain, Frances’s partner in colonizing the Levant and carving it up to today’s map, liked its work with the USA in invading Iraq based on lies they fabricated together and is not understanding why their lies aren’t working again in Syria!

The USA, the world’s top exporter of democracy it doesn’t have and freedoms its own people can’t breathe, has brought up back its former Obama regime but instead of the black head of state who was followed by an orange head of state, now the colorful, most inclusive junta of all anti-Christian traditions wants to continue the ‘Arab Spring’ project to install anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood fanatics in control of the ‘Arab Sprung’ countries, stopped by the Syrian people who even reversed its course. Collin Powell’s lies can be still used at the UNSC as long as its Pentagon propagandists aka mainstream media and its public are not holding responsible the first liars into the Iraq invasion.

This latest UNSC NATO-spearheaded weekly meeting analyzed by Syria News’s Miri Wood in this detailed report: NATO Junta at UN Monthly Chemical Weapons Meeting against Syria.

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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