Biden’s ‘Inclusive Diverse Junta’ Continue their War Crimes in Syria

There’s not a single day that passes that the Syrian people are not subjected to another round of terrorism inflicted on them by the ‘most diverse and inclusive junta’ in the US history, a junta that includes all or most shapes and sexual and fetish thirsty for the blood of the innocents all over the world and including the blood of their own.

In the northeastern Hasakah province in Syria, some 10745 kilometers (6676 miles) far from the USA, Kurdish SDF terrorists continued their ethnic-cleansing spree against the Syrian people who were unlucky enough to shelter and host those same Kurdish grandfathers when they fled the Ottoman oppression. Houses near an illegal Biden Forces helipad were emptied of its people who became the latest addition to the displaced Syrians in their own country.

Meanwhile, the Syrian armed forces are finding difficulties storing the massive stashes of weapons supplied by NATO countries to Al Qaeda and its derivatives in Syria to the extent that the Engineering Corps in the Syrian Arab Army have to conduct daily blowing-up destruction of weapons in the different provinces. The latest finding of NATO weapons left behind by defeated Al Qaeda terrorists was in the southwestern Syrian province of Daraa.

More in this report: Biden Atrocities in Syria: SDF Seize Homes, NATO Weapons Found, Landmines Kill.

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