Russia Lost 112 Soldiers Fighting NATO Terrorists in Syria

The Russian Army lost 112 of its personnel in Syria, a top Russian parliamentarian said during a committee meeting of the Russian State Duma.

The revelation is not surprising to those following the news, actually, it’s less than expected and the Russian official didn’t specify any details. In wars combatants die on both sides and bystanders also die as collateral damage, that’s how nasty wars are.

Russia joined Syria’s fight against the world’s worst pathogens the NATO-sponsored terrorists of Al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups, the likes of ISIS, Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant, the Turkestan Islamist Party, Erdogan’s Hamzat terrorists, the Kurdish SDF separatists, special forces from 12 countries, and others.

The Russian involvement came after 4.5 years of the US-led War of Terror and War of Attrition started in March 2011, the US’s goal was so obvious for the Syrian people, not obvious to the US people: Topple the Syrian leadership, divide the country along ethnic and sectarian lines, install puppet regimes and fuel their endless infighting.

More in this report: 112 Russian Troops Killed Fighting in Syria to Save Syria and Russia.

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