Iran’s Latest Spy and Combat Drone Unveiled

Besieged, under sanctions for merely trying to survive, constantly threatened, bullied, yet determined to face the challenges, that’s the Iranian nation. The country living under the aforementioned life-threatening conditions revealed its latest military defense product: ‘Kaman-22’ drone.

The new drone is equipped with counter electronic-warfare technology, visual data collection gears, it can carry a payload of up to 300 kilograms, and it’s all home-made, that’s how the Iranian commander of the air force described their latest giant drone.

Surely, Iran has proved to be a not easy to swallow fish even when the collective powers of NATO and stooges combined against it, for decades, it’s also helping its friends face the same hyenas, the evil camp of the USA, UK, EU, and the rest of their NATO war criminals, Israel, Saudis, and Al Qaeda with its multiple CIA-sponsored variations.

Details and more photos of the Iranian Kaman-22 drone in this report: ‘Kaman-22’ Iran’s Latest Advanced Reconnaissance Combat Drone.

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