Russia is Helping Israel Release a Girl Arrested in Syria

For years Israel has refused to release thousands of Syrians, Lebanese, and mostly Palestinians it kidnaps from their homes in the occupied territories, it only accepts to release one or two of them when it needs something in return.

An Israeli ‘girl’ enters Syria by ‘mistake’ was arrested by the Syrian authorities and the Israelis started their pressure on Russia to secure her release, in exchange it offered to release two Syrians it kidnapped from their homes in the occupied Golan.

Multiple sources confirmed a deal is under way with the Russian mediation including the Syrian official news agency SANA which added that the two Syrians to be released are Nihal Al Maqt, the sister of the legendary Syrian Sidqi Al Maqt who was held by Israel for over 32 years, she was sentenced to 3 years in prison by a so-called Israeli court for campaigning to release her brother, and Dhiyab Qahmouz, a Syrian young man snatched from his home in the occupied Golan in 2016.

Russia has before helped Israel steal half of the remains of an Israeli IDF terrorist killed in Lebanon and was buried near Damascus.

More in this report: Israel asked Russia’s Help in Returning an Israeli ‘Girl’ Arrested in Syria.

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