Landmine Explosion in Aleppo Kills a Father his Son and 3 Women of the Same Family

An entire Syrian farmer family is decimated when a father, his young son, and 3 women from the same family were killed by a landmine explosion while they were working on their farm.

The landmine blew up in the family as they were working on their farm in the outskirts of the town of Khananser in the southern Aleppo countryside in the early morning of Monday 15 February 2021.

The victims were rushed to the nearby hospital, the dead for burial, and the injured for treatment of their multiple wounds, their lives will never be again.

Landmines are a very serious issue for the Syrian people, especially that NATO member states and their stooges the Gulfies were very generous in financing their ‘peaceful’ Al Qaeda affiliated protesters in Syria who went on a frenzy planting tens of thousands of landmines and explosive devices everywhere they infested to continue killing and maiming innocent civilians long after they’re defeated.

Wounds from landmine explosions vary from severe burns to losing limbs, sight, hearing, and lifetime disabilities, not to mention the trauma.

Meanwhile, the hypocrite humanitarian USA and its EU minions and other stooges in their camp are refusing to cooperate with the Syrian state to remove these killing machines by handing over the maps of the mines planted by their terrorists, they’re even hindering Syria’s efforts to procure discovering and demining equipment with their inhumane draconian siege and blockade imposed on the country under the same fake humanitarian pretense: we care for the Syrian people and we went to help them that’s why we’re starving them…

More in this report: Landmine Explosion Kills a Father, his Child, Injures 3 others in Aleppo.

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