Hypocrite Europeans Abandon Tens of Thousands of their Children in Syria

More than 250,000 foreign terrorists were shipped to Syria to ‘democratize’ the last secular country, and this is the least estimate by the United Nations, a large number of these terrorists came from Europe and in between fights they were busy breeding.

Today, there are tens of thousands of the women and children of these European terrorists held in concentration camps run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists, they are kept in inhumane conditions and their countries abandoned them.

64,000 from 57 countries; 80% of them are women and children. The same Europeans who are hysterically attacking Russia’s massive violations of human rights in the single case of Navalny while holding Julian Assange for the last decade in house arrest then jailed him in a horrible prison cell are ignoring the plight of tens of thousands of their own citizens mostly children left in the worst conditions in concentration camps run by other terrorist groups.

Hypocrisy engulfed with evilness and sugarcoated with ‘human rights’ slogans and ‘freedoms’, that’s what the world is seeing from the western officials.

More in this report: European Countries Abandon Tens of Thousands of their Children in Syria. – video report included.

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