Would You Accept a Shop Selling Missiles in Your Neighborhood?

A strong explosion tore up a shop and much of its surrounding in a market in the occupied city of Idlib earlier today, Monday 18 January 2021, the shop was selling weapons.

Not the type of weapons you’d imagine in a weapons shop, the guy was not selling guns and even machine guns only, he was selling missiles and explosives and one of those explosives blew up in his face killing him and injuring another person in the Al Jalaa Market in the center of Idlib, northwest of Syria.

The city and its countryside are under NATO occupation since 2012 when tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda terrorists imported from all sides of the world poured into the province from the north and western borders with NATO member state Turkey.

Since its occupation by the ‘human pathogens’, the entire province and the surrounding provinces lived only through horrific conditions with its more than 2 million population.

The Turkish madman Erdogan promised numerous times to withdraw his heavy-armed military-trained Al Qaeda terrorists from the province, several times before the Russian President Putin and the Iranian President Rouhani, that was in late 2018 and he only beefed them up, instead.

Details about this latest explosion in this report: Idlib: Explosion in a Weapons Shop Kills One Person and Injures Another.

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