The EU Imposes Sanctions on the Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister!

Since they have nothing else to care about like a pandemic (or scamdemic depending on what you believe in) that wreak havoc on their economies, or the increase in insecurity among their people, the ailing economies and endless lists of matters of importance, the 27 member states of the European Union unanimously agreed on imposing sanctions on the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Faysal Al Mikdad for his role in ‘oppressing the freedom fighters in Syria’, or whatever excuse.

The EU issued its decision yesterday, 15 of January 2021, against the career diplomat who at times headed the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly, who assumed the current post merely 2 months ago, and has been a point of contact for his country with international bodies including United Nations relief agencies.

Well, if imposing sanctions on a minister of foreign affairs of his country amidst what the whole world is going through including in their ‘mistress of democracy the USA is not weird enough, the EU has also included 7 other Syrian ministers to a similar list a couple of months ago including the Syrian Minister of Water Resources, the Syrian Minister of Education, and don’t laugh: the Syrian Minister of Transport for the same ‘oppression against the freedom fighters’!!!

Is there any IQ entry-level in the decision-making circus of the EU? Seriously?

Are they really concerned about human rights in Syria? If so, how could they explain the draconian sanctions on the 16.5 million Syrians out of the total of 22 million who decided to stay in their country and defend it from the tens of thousands of foreign ‘freedom fighters’ dumped in their country? The EU and their idol the USA, the leading ‘democracy’ in the world (LOL), imposed unprecedented sanctions that impede any possibility for the Syrian Ministry of Health to acquire any medicine or any medical equipment from abroad.

Details in this report: Supremacist EU Adds Syria’s FM Mikdad to Illicit Sanctions List.

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