Syrian Army Clashes with ISIS Terrorists in the Syrian Desert

Units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) engaged in heavy clashes with infiltrating US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the eastern Hama countryside in the Syrian desert.

The clashes started yesterday, 09 January 2021, after the SAA observed the terrorists approaching their outposts in the Rahjan area and are still ongoing at the time of this report, sources confirmed.

Russian air forces started striking the supply lines of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists and reinforcement of the Syrian Army were mobilized toward the area.

The Syrian army increased its presence in the region amid threats from the regime of Donald Trump and his war ministry, the Pentagon, of reviving ISIS in Syria if the Syrian state does not submit to the US demands in its decade-long war to install a puppet regime instead of the last secular state in the region and after 2 deadly attacks carried out by ISIS in the past 10 days.

More in this report: Syrian Arab Army in East of Hama Clashes with US-sponsored ISIS Cells.

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