ISIS Admits Attacking a Bus near Deir Ezzor Killing Dozens

ISIS, the terrorist group sponsored by the Pentagon and operating alongside the illegal US troops in Syria claimed responsibility for the heinous attack on a bus that killed and injured dozens on the Deir Ezzor – Palmyra road on the 30th of December 2020.

A statement released by the terrorist organization claims the killing 40 Syrian army soldiers, the number of victims include at least 8 civilians killed and 9 others injured, even the soldiers on the bus were starting their vacation and were not carrying their military gears, this refutes the claims of the terrorist group of attacking a military target.

It’s well-documented and well-known by all observers that ISIS has never attacked US targets in Syria, neither in Iraq, except virtually, however, both ISIS and its affiliates along with the US and its illegal led coalition have carried an endless number of attacks and crimes against humanity against the Syrian and Iraqi people and against their armed forces, even the Israelis joined the fight on the side of ISIS and offered its terrorist state of the art medical treatment US citizens would dream of even though they paid for it from their tax money given to Israel as an aid.

This latest attack is a new stunt by Trump to complicate the situation further in the region instead of withdrawing his troops as he promised his electors 4 years ago, and instead of withdrawing them, he beefed up the troops to steal the Syrian oil.

US helicopters were spotted numerous times dropping weapons, munition, food, and other aid to gatherings of ISIS terrorists in both Syria and Iraq, they were also seen airlifting ISIS terrorist commanders. When the Pentagon officials couldn’t deny these acts they would say the aid was dropped by mistake!

ISIS operates freely wherever the US and its illegal coalition have a presence, the attackers against the bus came from and later fled to areas where the US army has heavy presence stealing the Syrian oil, and the terrorists never attacked the US troops or the oil tankers stealing Syrian oil even though they’re much easier targets.

More in this report: ISIS Declares Responsibility for Yesterday’s Bus Attack in Deir Ezzor.

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