Terrorists Assassinate Two Security Personnel in Daraa, South of Syria

Terrorists sponsored by the regime of Donald Trump assassinated two security personnel in the town of Dael, in the northern countryside of Daraa yesterday.

The martyrs were shot dead by terrorists on a motorbike inside the town.

Unrest in the southern Syrian province of Daraa continues as long as the US maintains a military base in the region where members of an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group called Maghawir Thawra run the infamous Rukban concentration camp holding thousands of families hostage in inhumane conditions in the depth of the Syrian desert.

Armed men carrying out their terrorist attacks flee to an area protected by the US military at the Syrian – Jordanian – Iraqi border in the Tanf area.

Thirty-four terrorist attacks were carried out in the last month of November only.

More in this report: Two Syrian Security Personnel Assassinated in Daraa Countryside.

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