Erdogan Sent 3000 Syrian Mercenaries to Nagorno Karabach – New Reports Reveal

Turkish madman and Sultan wannabe sent at least 3000 Syrian mercenaries to the battlefronts in Artsakh – Nagorno Karabach, new reports by the Syrian terrorists reveal.

The new reports circulating by the so-called ‘Syrian Armed Opposition’ with testimonies of terrorists who fought on the side of the Azerbaijan army complained that their wounded and families of their dead have still not received their payments from Erdogan.

Hamzat Group, Sultan Murad, and Sultan Soleiman Shah, three of the Mulsim Brotherhood Al Qaeda affiliated groups operating in northern Syria were the main pool where Erdogan recruited his mercenaries to fight in the Caucasian latest war.

He paid each terrorist 10,000 Turkish Lira as a down payment and the rest to be paid at a later stage, which still is not paid.

The regime of Erdogan, Azerbaijan, and the Turkish propaganda outlets repeatedly denied sending any Syrian mercenaries to the Nagorno Karabakh war, despite the overwhelming evidence of the contrary, and now the propaganda outlets of the terrorists themselves are reporting this news after Erdogan failed to pay them the balance of the blood money they ‘earned’.

More in this report: Erdogan Used 3000 Syrian Terrorists in the Nagorno Karabach Battles.

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