Syria Exposes the USA and the EU Politicizing and Weaponizing COVID 19

The Syrian mission to the United Nations often sees itself in direct battles with the representatives of the western regimes, namely of the USA, EU, and the European settlers in Palestine so-called Israel, even when the whole world is facing what the westerners themselves call unprecedented pandemic and its consequences.

In this context, when the United Nations General Assembly called for a special session on the response to COVID 19 and its consequences, the Syrian delegation had a lot to say, especially in exposing the double-standards, double-faces the western regimes put on when insisting on expanding the illegal unilateral sanctions and blockade against the countries that are also facing the pandemic, like Syria, which is also facing terror waged against it by those same hypocrite war criminals.

The Syrian Minister-Counselor to the UN Qussay al-Dahhak delivered Syria’s statement in which he exposed the malign acts of the western countries and their regional stooges, the dangers arising from their acts, especially in destabilizing communities and in sponsoring terrorism, and the consequences of those acts on the most vulnerable the refugees and the displaced, the humanitarian cause also used by NATO member states as political cards against the Syrian state.

Further details and background in this report with the full transcript in English and Arabic: Syrian Delegation to the UN Exposes the West’s Politicization of COVID 19.

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