Despite US and EU Sanctions Syrian Doctors Perform a Rare Brain Surgery

Despite a strangling sanctions regime and a complete blockade by the inhumane hypocrite western countries, a team of Syrian doctors at Al Mujtahid Hospital in Damascus performed brain surgery on a 6-years old with Rasmussen’s Encephalitis, a very rare autoimmune disorder — that targets mostly children aged 2-10.

The meticulous and delicate operation was led by Dr. Tarfa Baghdadi and included the removal of one half of the brain decreases seizure activity by an average of 80% — one study found 96% of fifty-two patients seizure-free.

The young patient awoke neuroanatomically intact and was undergoing short-term rehab, Dr. Tarfa Baghdadi explained.

Syria is under severe economic sanctions by both the USA and the European Union who both in the month of June this year instead of lifting their inhumane sanctions on the Syrian people due to the economic burdens of the COVID 19 measures worldwide, they doubled down on the sanctions. They are punishing the Syrian people for not accepting to be ruled by puppets serving the 0.01% ruling the western countries themselves.

Further details about this operation and the conditions it was performed under in this report: Syria Neurosurgeons Perform First Hemispherectomy for Rasmussen’s Encephalitis — Despite Malignant Sanctions.

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