2 Persons Killed in the US/Kurds Run Al Hol Refugees Camp Northeast of Syria

A woman and a man were shot dead in the Al Hol (Al Hawl) concentration camp for refugees in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah, the camp is run by Trump forces and their Kurdish separatist SDF proxies armed militia.

The assailants are unknown armed groups, the Al Hol concentration camp is in horrific conditions on all levels: lawless, insecurity, no hygiene, malnutrition, and overcrowded, not to mention the spread of germs, epidemics, and all sorts of diseases with no the US regime of Donald Trump rejecting all pleas to end the suffering of the innocent people held against their will in this camp; only ISIS commanders and their families were allowed by the Kurdish SDF militia to leave the camp.

Kurdish separatists taking advantage of the illegal presence of the US oil thieves to try to Israelize the region by creating a new reality on the ground in force-displacement of the original landowners and replacing them with Kurdish families imported from northern Iraq and elsewhere.

This latest crime comes at an increased hostility against the Kurdish separatist militias by the Syrian people living under the control of the US puppets, the Kurdish separatists not only having issues with the locals but also with anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists imported by the Turkish regime of madman Erdogan.

Details of the above-mentioned crime and the latest attacks against the Kurdish SDF separatist armed militia that claimed the lives of a number of them, injuring others, in this report: 2 Persons Killed in Al Hol Camp, Several SDF Members Killed in Northern Syria.

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