Four US Army Oil Thieves Killed in Northeastern Syria

Local sources reported that 4 members of the Trump forces stealing the Syrian oil were killed by a roadside bomb in the northeastern region of Syria.

The bomb was detonated in a military vehicle carrying the 4 oil thieves of the US Army on the Hasakah – Der Ezzor road, near the town of Markadah.

US army set a perimeter around the area of the explosion and moved their casualties to the US illegal military base in the Shaddadi town, 40 kilometers to the north.

This is not the first attack against the US occupation and oil thieve forces, and definitely, it will not be the last as the clock is ticking for the exit of the US army from all of West Asia – The Levant and Iraq, after Trump killed the Iranian top general Qassim Soleimani and the Iraqi army commander Abu Mahdi Al Mohandas on the 3rd of January earlier this year.

Details in this report: Four Trump Forces Killed in an IED Explosion in the Northeast of Syria.

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