Trump Wanted to Kill President Assad and Wanted his Help at the Same Time!

Everything about the US President is unpredictable and everything is against the norms on all levels, especially in the foreign policy field, there’s nobody who hurt the USA’s image around the world so fast as Donald Trump, not even George W. Bush with his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq because Saudis and Israelis bombed towers in New York and a US navy ship! Trump does things fast and wild, this episode is one of them.

After killing the top Iranian general Qasim Soleimani and the Iraqi second top PMU commander Abu Mahdi Muhandis, Trump tried to engage the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in dialogue by threats in order to secure the release of two US citizens who went missing in Syria in 2012 and in 2017.

To his astonishment, President Assad declined even to answer a phone call by Trump in March, as would John Bolton describe in his scandalous book.

The Syrian President insists on the US withdrawal of its troops from his country before any dialogue starts with the USA on any topic.

Why would Syria accept any such dialogue, as I wrote in the related post link below:

Why would Syria accept to help the USA or its president, when the US occupies parts of Syria, helps Israel occupy the Syrian Golan, helps Turkey invade large parts of northern Syria, supports terrorist groups including ISIS in Syriasteals Syrian oil, plots to kill the Syrian president, and imposes inhumane sanctions on the country?! The USA is not that strong, especially in our region, and Syria is not that weak, at all, despite the decade-long war of terror waged against it by the world’s superpowers and super-rich countries.

However, Trump’s plea through his visiting top delegation to Syria was also turned down, with Syrian officials insisting on first discussing the US withdrawal from Syria and seeing tangible evidence of that before discussing any other topic.

More in this report: Trump Plots to Kill President Assad, Sends Him Top Delegation Asking for Help!

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