President Assad Fighting Corruption, the USA, Al Qaeda, ISIS, NATO at the Same Time

It’s very difficult to fight one of the enemies of any civilization: a mean evil capable enemy with deep pockets, a foreign terrorist with sectarian hatred, a suicide low-level filth unwanted in his own country, a group of countries who consider destroying your country and killing your people is a priority instead of building their countries and care for their people, and above that corruption that grows usually in war times.

The Syrian President Bashar Al Assad had to face all of those together in addition to backstabbing from all Syria’s neighbors: Turkish madman Erdogan, a considerable part of the Iraqis whose influence grew under the US occupation, a British protectorate in the south called Jordan, and a large percentage of the Lebanese who think they don’t belong to the region and sell themselves to any foreign power.

Corruption alone is a worthy enemy, we all saw what corruption can do in the Beirut port explosion earlier this month, we heard of countries collapsing due to corruption in their financial systems,

This is why President Assad focused on combating corruption in a considerable time within his speech addressing the newly elected Syrian Parliament members.

An astonishing guideline in fighting corruption by the president was his method in handling it: we don’t want to go on a crusading campaign against those corrupt, better to place the proper laws and procedures in order to eliminate corruption at its base. In other words, forgiveness when possible, looking forward and setting the stage for the future.

Not that the Syrian law doesn’t cover corruption and how to tackle it, the law is already strict enough, it needs modernizing in order to contain any such cases and that’s a task for the new legislators.

More in this report: President Assad Addressing New Syrian Parliament on Fighting Corruption.

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