Israel Killed a Member of Hezb Allah and Now It’s on High Alert

Netanyahu broke the unsigned unofficial but established deterrence formula with Hezb Allah, the Lebanese formidable resistance party, he stupidly killed a soldier of the Hezb.

In the latest Israeli bombing of a Syrian military site south of Damascus the day before yesterday, there were 7 Syrian soldiers injured as per the official statement of the Syrian Ministry of Defense, one day later, Hezb Allah mourns one of its soldiers killed in that bombing while embedded with the SAA.

The last such confrontation in August 2019 when Netanyahu killed two soldiers of Hezb Allah in a similar bombing of their apartment south of Damascus, the chief of Hezb Allah vowed to avenge their killing by a cross border military operation and warned the Israeli forces to ‘stand on one and a half leg’, on alert, until Hezb carried out the operation, which was fulfilled one week after and during which Netanyahu’s IDF troops emptied all their heavily fortified barracks south of the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine.

An Israeli soldier was killed and his officer wounded in somehow related news while on high alert today post the announcement of the martyrdom of Hezb Allah’s soldier south of Lebanon, the Israeli IDF said that was due to an accident by their vehicle!

More in this report: Israel on High Alert after Hezb Allah Mourns One of their Soldiers.

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