US Holding 10k Civilians Human Hostages in Rukban Concentration Camp

Up to 10,000 civilians are trapped in the most remote supposed to be refugee camp in the farthest point in Syria’s desert, they’re held human hostages by Trump’s Army and terrorists affiliated with ISIS.

Rukban Concentration Camp had tens of thousands of civilians more, those who fled their homes when the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists were moving freely in the desert from Iraq into Syria with their brand new machine-gun mounted 4 x 4 Toyota pickups and their armored vehicles.

John Kerry said the US thought it can use them to pressure the Syrian President Assad into accepting members of Al-Qaeda in the Syrian government: The Pentagon Threatening to Revive ISIS

The UNSC witnessed a circus carried out by NATO representatives crying for Syrians in the al-Qaeda’s last stronghold in Idlib province northwest of Syria and wanted to open 6 border crossings under the UNSC protection for them; where are they from the suffering of these refugees?

This article with a video report in it adds more details: Trump Exploits the Suffering of Thousands of Syrian Refugees in Rukban Camp

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