President Assad Relieves ‘Uncreative’ Prime Minister Mr. Khamis from Duty

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al Assad relieved Prime Minister Imad Khamis from his duty as the head of the Syrian cabinet yesterday Thursday 11 June 2020 evening.

Decree Number 143 for the Year 2020 was issued by President Assad to relieve Engineer Imad Khamis from his post, the Syrian Presidency stated.

President Assad assigned the tasks of the former Prime Minister to Engineer Hussein Arnous in addition to his current post as Minister of Water Resources, the assignment is valid until a new government is formed following the coming parliamentary elections due 19 July, next month after it was postponed twice from 13 April to 20th May due to the preventive measures taken against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Mr. Arnous is from the town of al Tahh in the province of Idlib, currently, most of the province with up to 3 million Syrian civilians living in it is under the control of al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS aka Nusra Front, a terrorist organization listed… Continue reading:

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