Syrian Farmers Watching their Wheat Crops Go in Flames Courtesy of NATO’s Erdogan

Syrian farmers rushing to their wheat fields to see their livelihoods torched by NATO’s top leader Erdogan and his loyal terrorists in the city of Ras Al Ayn, north Syria.

Hundreds of acres of ready to harvest wheat burned in a heinous war crime that only can be committed by subhumans, burning food and plantations is a war crime designated as such by all international bodies, including by NATO countries.

Imagine you’re a farmer working your entire season each single day getting up early and taking care of the plants from the first process of cleaning the land, tilling the soil, seeding it, watering it each single day, buying fertilizers and spreading them, and making sure each seedling gets enough water and protection from insects and enough sun light, then when it’s ready to harvest some devils come and burn it before your eyes.

More details in this report: Hearing is Not Like Seeing: NATO’s Terrorists Burning Syrian Wheat Crops – Video

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