‘Never Trust a Turk’, Erdogan Unleashes Terrorists on SAA Post in Hama

Terrorists of assorted groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan carried out a surprise brazen attack on an outpost of the Syrian Arab Army in Al-Ghab Plains northwest of Hama early Sunday morning.

The terrorists used in their movement a highway the Turkish army is supposed to be securing based on the Erdogan’s obligation before the Russian President Putin, the last of which was agreed in Moscow on the 5th of March.

Three terrorist groups carried out this latest Sunday attack in Hama countryside: Hurras Al-Din, Ansar Tawhid, and the Turkestan Islamist Party. Don’t be fooled by their Islamic names, their main victims are mainstream Muslims.

The Syrian Arab Army sustained heavy losses and had to withdraw from the post at Tanjara town, northwest of Hama province. The unexpected attack came at the time the… Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/never-trust-a-turk-erdogan-unleashes-terrorists-on-saa-post-in-hama/

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