Sidqi al Maqat Released from Illicit Israeli Captivity after 32 Years

Sidqi al Maqat, the legendary Syrian political prisoner, was released from illicit Israel captivity 10 January, after spending most of his life in Kafkaesque detention.

Al Maqat was first kidnapped at the age of 23, by Israeli occupiers of the Syrian Golan.

Sudqi al Maqat had been released after 27 years of Israel’s draconian detention, in 2012. His freedom was short-lived, as the Israeli occupiers of Syria’s Golan abducted him, again, in 2015. In a kangaroo court, he was ‘convicted’ of spying on the cozy relationship between Israeli occupiers and ISIS terrorists… Continue reading:

Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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