Iraqi Parliament to Convene Today to Decide the Fate of US Troops in the Country

The Iraqi Parliament will convene today in a historical event that will help shape the future of the region and beyond.

The Iraqi government called on the country’s parliament to convene and discuss the US-imposed treaty on Iraq called the ‘Strategic Framework Agreement’ and decide on the need of the US troops in the country who are there for training and advisory purposes not to carry out massacres and assassinations in the country.

The gravest crimes carried out by the US troops in Iraq in the span of 4 days only were the killing of 31 Iraqi service members and injuring 55 more, and the cheap-styled assassination of visiting top Iranian general Solemani along with the second-ranking commander in Iraqi security.

The intentional targeting of the Iraqi security forces guarding the border crossings with Syria, hundreds of miles away from the location of the alleged attack that killed a… Continue reading:

Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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