USA: Keep the Warmongering On and Threats Levels Up, Milk Everybody!

Top USA Army General in the region warns that whatever killing machines and killers he can bring he will still need more to thwart an Iranian new attack, he said “again” meaning there’s a precedent.

I can claim I’m a close observant to the world events and especially in our region, that is the Arab World and Iran, I do NOT recall that Iran at any time has waged any attack, at least no offensive attack, might have defended its territories, which is natural and a must and if it doesn’t do so it’s betrayal, I even looked up the news hastily to try to find out when was the last time Iran attacked, not in my lifetime at least, when I lost count at the number of attacks the US itself has carried out including country-level invasions!

This army general, however, doesn’t seem to be from… Continue reading:

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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