SARC Repatriates Kidnapped Alvin from al Hol Hell to Dad in Italy

SARC — the Syrian Arab Red Crescent — in collaboration with the IFRC, has repatriated Alvin with his dad in Italy. In 2014, Alvin was 6 years old when his mother essentially kidnapped him from his father and sisters, smuggling him into Syria, to place him in the savage environment of Daesh terrorists.

albanian child alvin rescued from kurds sdf run al-hol isis camp northeast syria handed to italy

We have no background on the psychopathology of the woman who would tear apart her family, and subject one of her children to unfathomable horrors. The famous Italian television personality, Luigi Pelazza, and Alvin’s father, repetitively use the word radicalized as her lone description. This word has neither legal nor psychoanalytic meaning but seems to work well in inspiring the fear that any one of us — or anyone of our loved ones — could… Continue reading (video included):

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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