Did the Terror War on the Syrian Economy Succeed?

Syrian Economy is one of the targets of the War of Terror waged by the US and company against the Syrian people, did it survive?

Western Pentagon propagandists aka Mainstream Media pundits effortlessly try to imply that the US-led War of Terror against the Syrian people, the Syrian state and the Syrian Armed Forces, as a public uprising against dictatorship, couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Throughout the past years, we have debunked each statement trying to conceal the heinous role carried out by the USA and its European lackeys, its Gulfies servants, and its regional criminals, under an intensive unprecedented synchronized systematic propaganda, diplomatic, political, and on the streets campaigns.

We did warn them in the early days of the crisis, I remember I was tweeting, blogging, and commenting on news, like many other Syrians, warning the US and its criminal partners that Syria is… Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/did-syrian-economy-survive-us-led-war-of-terror/

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher syrianews.cc

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