Saudi Arabia Begging to be Bombed Again by Yemen, but Harder!

Saudi Arabia, the US best servant in the world, is calling on, say begging, the Yemeni Armed Forces to carry out further retaliation against its territories and valuable asset, we have no clue who played their minds to sacrifice their regime, also their country this way? Maybe their time is over and their task needs to be passed to others?

What’s left of the school bus Saudi Arabia bombed in Sanaa, Yemen

In the past few months and after the Saudi-led coalition increased their massacres against the Yemeni people and their devastation of their neighboring poorest Arab country, the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out calculated ‘baby steps’ retaliation attacks against Saudi economic targets and military sensitive targets, hoping these small but effective retaliation would push their northern neighbors into their senses and stop their criminal aggression, there’s barely anything left to bomb in Yemen, the Saudi-led Coalition was targeting schools, school buses, wedding parties, and funeral processions… Continue reading:

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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