Yemen Armed Forces Deliver Massive Blow to Saudi Coalition – Video

Yemen Armed Forces along with the Popular Committee forces have carried out a wide-scale military operation that delivered a massive blow to the Saudi-led coalition 3 weeks before they destroyed Saudi’s Aramco facilities.

The military operation is as important if not more important than the Aramco attacks themselves. Aramco attacks halved Saudi’s production of oil, gas, and derivatives, this military operation resulted in the capture of more than 2000 troops and destruction of their armored vehicles in one front they’re already losing big on it.

We didn’t hear any news of such from the Saudi’s coalition side, all we know that last month the Saudis bombed a prison where their own troops were held by the Yemeni armed forces killing all the prisoners there in a brazen war crime not that their record in Yemen, in general, is short of other heinous war crimes.

Brigadier Yehya Saree, spokesperson of the Yemen Armed Forces held a press conference at the… Continue reading:

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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