Syrians Continue Protests against US-Owned SDF Terrorists

Syrians under the occupation of US illegals and their terrorist SDF are continuing public protests against the illicit militia that burns agricultural fields, appropriates or bombs homes, kidnaps Syrian children for criminal training in military camps. In a recent chaotic situation, four SDF terrorists were killed in a possible grenade bombing of a ‘militia center.’

The SDF terrorists, acting under the protection of its US creators have previously torched wheat fields when Syrian farmers refused to capitulate to their mafiosi – type tax demands. More recently, this gang has begun destroying agricultural lands to dig trenches near to the border with terrorist Erdogan’s Turkey (reminder that most of the 350k foreign human detritus invaded Syria through the Turkish border, and not one lost a leg to the almost 200k landmines not cleared, despite Turkey joining… Continue reading:

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Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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