Mohamed Khairullah: US Anti-Syria Mayor Detained at JFK

Mohamed Khairullah is the Mayor of Prospect Park Borough, New Jersey, population just under 6,000 in the 2010 census. In early August, upon arriving to JFK airport in NYC, he reported having been detained by Customs Border Patrol (CBP) for more than 3 hours, and that his cell was confiscated and kept for two weeks. For unknown reasons, the media decided to pick up the story weeks later. 

In his many subsequent interviews, Khairullah reported having told CBP that his family vacationed in Turkey, visited relatives living there, went to the beach and visited historical sites and that he — like the politics of Turkey — met with various local politicians (likely those affiliated with Erdogan’s AKP Party). He described the interrogation as “insulting,” “frustrating,” and “terrifying,” and said he told the border agents he thought he should talk to his lawyer when asked, “Did you meet any terrorists in Turkey?”… Continue reading:

Author: Arabi Souri

Syrian expat, publisher

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