After 17 Months Cover Up they Confessed Syria Shot Down the Israeli F16

It took Israel and its western mainstream propagandists 17 months to disclose what brought down the US-made F16 back in February 2018, it took us a couple of hours.

How a good F16 looks like

The difference between them and us, they are aggressors and criminals, in order to cover up their crimes they are hell-bent on lying, fabricating, dis-informing and distorting the truth; we, on the other side, are righteously defending our country from their aggression thus we are ‘hell-bent’ on debunking their lies and fabrications and reporting the truth to gain the trust of our readers.

On February 10th, 2018, it was a Saturday morning where the ‘Jewish’ Israelis are not supposed to work, let alone commit aggression, let alone lie about it, when a squadron of Israeli fighter jets, of the top of what the US taxpayers worked their lives hard to gift them, carried out a bombing against Syrian Arab Army units violating the Syrian air space. SAA air defense units fired back with their… Continue reading:


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Syrian expat, publisher

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