Putin’s Latest Favor to Israel on the Account of Syrian Blood, Bad!

Russia is one of the main allies in the war against the NATO-sponsored terror, there’s no doubt in that. Russians have also paid by blood in this war in their military personnel, as well as in their diplomats ranks, something unimaginable in any confrontations, that price paid was not just for the sake of Syria’s president, or the Syrian people, or even protecting International Law, one of Russia’s main duties as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council; Russia positioned itself in a leading position in the axis fighting terror to defend Moscow and other Russian cities from the terror that would visit them if not stopped in Syria.

Furthermore, the Russian involvement in Syria has given Russia a very rare chance to regain an international presence and move up from a regional power into an international power, not to mention the boost of Russian arms sales and the much-needed battle experience in all terrains, one real battle is worth dozens of drills.

Russia, as well, is the main supplier of old outdated weapons to the Syrian Armed Forces, though old and outdated but much needed as Syria doesn’t have many options shopping around… Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/putin-favor-israel-syria-blood/


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