Trump & Brennan on ‘Face the Nation’ Normalize War Crimes in Syria

In his 3 February interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, U.S. President Donald Trump revealed a main intention of accelerating Obama’s war criminal bombing of Syria, since September 2014: “We have to protect Israel.”This is utterly absurd, as it is Israel which has bombed Syria more than 30 times since 2011. Syria has not attacked Israel.

Contrary to the rantings of ‘neutral’ MSM, the US-led coalition begun by Obama and continued by Trump and the ongoing bombings of the SAR by Israel are breaches of International Law:

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.
Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

CBS’s Brennan on board with neo-colonialism & war crimes, but disturbed by the NFL kneeling vs. standing during the National Anthem. She was weirdly concerned over whether the First Son, Baron, would be permitted to play football. 

Many news ‘stories’ were written about this interview, but they all omitted the very… Continue reading:


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