Colvin Judge Sets Precedent for Syria to Sue US for Trillions in Compensation

In one of the most corrupt rulings in recent history, a US District Kangaroo Court judge has found the Syrian Arab Republic Kafkaesquely guilty in the death of Marie Colvin. She has awarded Colvin’s sister and her two children more than three million dollars, with “compensatory damages” yet to be announced.

Best known for her pirate-like eye patch, there are slightly conflicting reports on how she came to wear it. While embedded with “rebels” (a.k.a. “armed terrorists”) while illegally in Sri Lanka, Colvin was either the recipient of an RPG or a grenade, which blinded her (though did not enucleate her), made her deaf in one ear, and collapsed one of her lungs. There is also a slight discrepancy on whether she walked 30 miles with one functioning eye, ear, and lung, in order to make her 3,000-word deadline before collapsing.

Marie Colvin was illegally in Syria. She embedded herself with terrorists armed against Syria, with the world’s human garbage dumped into this country, and that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of… Continue reading:


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