Homs Countryside Reopens 145 Schools Receiving 49,000 Students

Homs was one of the first cities in Syria to suffer from the terrorists invasions, especially due to its bordering of Lebanon, one of the ‘Israels’ bordering Syria.

Educating is the biggest enemy of the terrorists and their Saudi financiers, knowledge is against their ideology, ignorance is how they can only maintain their ‘most retard political system in the world’.

The schools in towns and villages, and also in suburbs of the cities which fell under the control of US-sponsored Saudi/ Qatari-sponsored terrorists were turned into torture chambers, slaughterhouses, prisons, and command centers for terrorists plotting against the Syrian people.

After cleaning the city of Homs and its… Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/homs-countryside-schools-education/


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