Iraqi Military Intelligence Upsets the USA Kills an ISIS ‘Prince’

The Iraqi Military Intelligence operating in the city of Samarra northwest of Baghdad managed to kill a commander of ISIS in the city.

The ISIS ‘Prince’, not to be confused here with Eric Prince of Blackwaters, was an Iraqi called Saad al-Dallah.

ISIS ‘Prince’ was in charge of Al Kosh crossing east of Samarra and has been lured into an ambush in Al Duloiya east of the Samarra on the road to Baqubah.

Killing a top commander of ISIS by the Iraqi Military Intelligence with the help of the PMU (Popular Mobilization Units) upsets the US, and its UK poodle, efforts in destabilizing Iraq, at least by demonstrating the capabilities of the Iraqi forces to coordinate and carry out a delicate quantitative intelligence… Continue reading:


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