Trump-Led Coalition Slaughters another 20 Syrian Civilians

Despite his claim for a withdrawal of illicit US involvement from Syria, the Trump led criminal coalition continues to massacre Syrians.

On Friday 18 January, the Obama created and Trump accelerated bombing league killed another 20 civilians, in the al Baghuz Foqani village of Deir Ezzor countryside. Dozens of others were injured, some seriously enough to expect more deaths.

As human carnage is not enough, these savage war criminals also did much in essential infrastructure devastation. Syria is undergoing a very cold winter, so why not take advantage and bomb power lines and gas facilities? Those the demons cannot slaughter should be kept shivering in the dark; this is the next best thing until the bipartisan rabid dogs of war on Capitol Hill can pass their traitorous, murderous S1 legislation.

breaking ticker on criminal coalition destruction of infrastructure

Do not hold your breath while anticipating reports on the new carnage from… Continue reading:


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