The Defeat of the Largest Terrorist Army on Earth

I will not just walk a couple of miles with those who believe that what happened in Syria was a spontaneous revolution, and that it was peaceful, and that it was forced to be weaponized, but I will walk with them many miles and believe them.

And I will not insist that the Syrian state used the explosive barrels, as those insist and believe in it as if the explosive barrels were mentioned in the Holy Quran and denying it is the infidelity which is beyond any other infidelity.

And I will listen to who gets angry when saying that we invented the theory of the ‘universal conspiracy’ and that we have created ISIS. I will listen, and listen, and listen and I will not interrupt anybody.

But when all the crying, whining and screaming, the tearing of cloths on the innocent victims and the ‘dignity revolution’, I will ask permission from all of those and ask them to listen like how I listened and they only have to read the report by the Russian Ministry of Defense issued recently and which presented an accurate statistic on the number of terrorists who were terminated through… Continue reading:


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