Syrian Investments Abroad Refute Claims Syrian Refugees Are a Burden on the Host Countries

Coinciding with the bashing Syrians continue to be subjected to in neighboring countries, with the last one the Lebanese accusation that their presence had very negative impact on the social, economical and political living standards there, the latest reports and studies find that the Syrians have managed to add improvements on the economies of the countries they sought refuge at, that was reflected in many successful projects in all fields.

Throughout history, Syrians have never been a burden on anybody, rather they carry within themselves enormous productivity abilities, and they have directly contributed in increasing the levels of development in the host countries. These countries have benefited from the presence of the Syrians as well from the aid it received for hosting them, and through the Syrians massive spending from their own pockets, in addition to the Syrians contribution in economic activities in those countries, due to the financial abilities they have and the effective exceptional expertise in trade and industry.

The Egyptian government has confirmed a 30% increase of Syrian investments in the… Continue reading:


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