Turkey Ships More Drones to Idlib; Why Not Ship the UN There, Too?

Terrorist Turkey has shipped another 100 drones to takfiri savages occupying Idlib, Syria.

The degenerate plot involves the launching of more terrorist attacks on civilians and their families in the Syrian Arab Army, using chemical substances. On 25 November mortars and missiles likely containing chlorine were fired into four residential neighborhoods of Aleppo, with more than 100 persons injured.

Syrian Minister Walid Moallem immediately sent letters demanding a UN-OPCW investigation. OPCW patiently awaits the UN Department of Security to declare deployment “safe,” This will likely come once everyone is certain the chlorine has fully dissipated.

On this date, French experts modified 50 missiles for Jabhat al Nusra in Idlib, loading them with chlorine for the atrocities party.

This recent batch of 100 drones has been… Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/turkey-drones-and-un-idlib/


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